Charles Umberger

CharlesUmbergerCharles Umberger, a native North Carolinian, spent the first 20 years of his banking career in corporate lending with large regional banks in Georgia and Florida.  After these were acquired by Wachovia, First Union, and NationsBank (and now exist as part of Wells Fargo or Bank of America), he moved into community banking, and has served as president of two privately held local banks,  Coconut Grove Bank in Miami, FL, and Old Town Bank in Waynesville, a de novo bank opened in September 2007.

Returning to NC, Charles began working as a part-time consultant with Old Town Bank in January 2008, and became its President and CEO in February 2009.   When he started, the bank had eight full-time employees in a triple-wide; it now employs 19, 18 of whom work in a distinctive two-story building on South Main Street.  When Old Town opened that new building August 2013, it was the first non-chain privately-owned commercial building constructed in Waynesville since 2008.