Steve Townes

CEO & Founder, Ranger Aerospace

CEO 2013 candid 1Steve is a well-known entrepreneur and CEO in the aerospace industry. After graduation from West Point with the Eisenhower Award, he served 5 years in the Army as an Infantry officer in the Airborne Rangers. For the past 34 ½ years he has been in the aviation and aerospace arena. He started his distinguished civilian career at a large aerospace conglomerate called LTV Aerospace & Defense. For the past 24 years, he has held C-Level leadership roles in Private Equity backed aviation ventures. Ranger Aerospace was started here in Greenville in early 1997, and since then has created a series of large-scale consolidation platforms, buying and building-up aerospace services companies such as “ASIG,” Keystone Helicopter, and Ranger International Group. While creating deep operational improvements, aggressive marketing growth, and award winning quality upgrades in each enterprise, Ranger also garnered superior financial results. Townes’ latest venture from 2009 to 2014 grew from $22 Million to $155 Million, and yielded 60% “IRR” to equity shareholders. On a personal note, Steve is the “Mule Donor in Perpetuity” for West Point—he was a Mule Rider as a cadet, and has endowed the mascots forever, in honor of all Army Rangers.